Every Wednesday

DeadSet Comedy

Come and join us every Wednesday to the funniest event in the area. Deadset Comedy has some of the funniest, wittiest and clever comedians and we have amazing atmosphere and cocktails will guarantee a great a time.

Every Sunday

Creative Sundays

Nothing to do on a Sunday Afternoon?

Sunday roast is finished but nobody wants to go home, what do you do? Well the answer can be found in Lancaster gates hidden gem The old Mary's Cocktail bar.
Every Sunday from 13:00 till 17:00 we are hosting fun activities including scrabble, backgammon and drawing sessions and the best part is that you can have your drink at the same time. Grab your friends and join us!

Every Sunday

Sunday Roast

Every Sunday join us for a collection of delicious, succulent roasts and why not try a tasty Bloody Mary that you can customize by choosing alcohol base and spicy sauce.

March 2017

Bulleit Bourbon Masterclass

Bulleit Bourbon Masterclass


Join the Bulleit Bourbon Brand Ambassador for a fun whisky tasting and cocktail making Masterclass.

Enjoy a free Bulleit Bourbon Kentucky Rouge cocktail upon arrival. Learn about the emerging trends in the world of Whisky. Taste the differences between a Bourbon and a Single Grain Whisky, and finish the evening by making your own Bulleit Bourbon Old Fashioned.

Tickets are priced at £10 contact for yours today